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Our Story

Mike Berndt, German born chef,  tells his story and the story of authentic German food through an ever-evolving tasting menu of seasonal dishes..

Mike opened his first restaurant – Mittendrin in Berlin, 1991. Twenty-nine years later, he brought  traditional German and European food to us right here in Auckland. “I’m really excited to bring traditional German cuisine to Auckland.” says Mike. “I'm looking forward to sharing this style of food with Kiwi’s. German cuisine is close to my heart and I’m excited to bring MittenDrin ‘back to life’.”

Our menu focuses on using fresh, seasonal ingredients and many of the meals are organic. Whole food is important to Mike and most of stocks, broths and sauces are made exclusively at the restaurant. Not to mention our organic, fair trade coffee and much more... 




Mitten Drin

German Cafe Restaurant
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